Late Shri S. V. Nevagi, Retired District Judge, Founder

Having spent his entire life in the Indian judiciary system, Shri S. V. Nevagi was always keen on giving back to the society and helping individuals who required his expertise the most. With this dream in mind, he created the Abhilasha Foundation. With it, the groundwork of establishing a more just society where anyone and everyone is entitled to his/her rights was put into effect.

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Kailash Nevagi, Advocate, Co-Founder

Mrs. Kailash Nevagi is equipped with a master’s degree in Commerce and has always thrived in dynamic environments. After her marriage into the Nevagi family, under the guidance of her father-in-law, Late Adv. Shri S. V. Nevagi, she studied law. Then, along with the responsibilities of a new home, she began to delve into law books and attend courts, and earned a degree in law, acquired the necessary skills, and training essentials for a practising lawyer.

Being an innovative and successful attorney, she always had a sense of social commitment. Many individuals are unaware of their legal rights and are often confused about the necessary and/or correct actions to take in case of domestic violence, sexual harassment, or other family disputes. Also, some find it tough to find or even undertake legal help due to lack of financial resources to consult a lawyer. It was at this juncture that she announced her decision to start a platform for providing free counselling for Women and children and to anybody who needs advice or legal help.

Keeping her father-in-law’s dream alive, she created an online platform which has a wider reach and where people can ask questions free of charge. Also, being an online platform, this venture will widen and expand horizons to reach more and more people.

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